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Players are NOT restricted by age, gender, or ethnicity. It does not matter if the player is tall, short, obese, or thin.


No special playing field is required. An appropriate playing field could be set up based on the conditions that exist at the particular site. Different types of playing fields and various irregularly shaped obstacles are not only part of the setting of the sport, but they even provide the key to opening wisdom. Clever planning and intelligence spring from the minds of players as myriad changes take place during the course of a game.

Variations in playing fields and changes in obstacles add new challenges for the players. Even if one plays at the same playing field all the time, since each match is unique in the sequence, line, direction, and strength of attacks initiated by members of one’s own team and the other team, there is never any repetition among different matches. Each match required the application of different layout and attack techniques.

All of these enables players to improve their wisdom, sharpen their sport skills, and experience the delight of extraordinary variety. This is a characteristic of Wiser that all other ball sports lack.


Resources from the World Wiser Sport Committee

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The First Wiser Sport Inauguration

Hello, we are leaders of Wiser Sport teams from different regions in the world!

Hello, we are leaders of Wiser Sport teams from different regions in the world! West Covina, CA, USA. March 2nd, 2013

VIPs include Diplomatic Envoys, Mayor of West Hollywood, Mayor of city of Covina, Julie Ertel - the 2000 Olympics water polo silver metal winner, Covina Women's Club and more!