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Health Benefits

Provided by PhD Philip Yang (CEO of Nine Start University)


Wiser Ball” requires both individual and group strategies in order to excel. The layout of balls, ball-throwing, and ball-rolling skills play crucial roles in the game. The direction the ball is thrown and rolled can be either straight or arched – all of which are important moves that might affect the scenarios of the game. It takes routine training in order to apply the proper strength for throwing or rolling the ball to accurately hit the other team’s balls without falling prey to theirs.

The decision-making and strategizing process is a non-stressful brain exercise. It reinforces accuracy, sharpness, quickness and steady skills in our brain. The complex micro-bioelectric transmission of nerve impulses nourish and revitalize brain cells, which helps to prevent aging diseases.


Cognitive exercise helps prevent aging-associated illness

Wiser Ball is a cognitive exercise that can efficiently prevent Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke and other chronic diseases.


Walking prevents serious diseases

Walking purifies the energy from the body in a very relaxing way. Numerous clinical studies have proven that walking prevents many serious diseases including: strokes, hypertension, rapid heartbeat, tension headaches, hyperthyroid, anxiety, etc.

Wiser Ball involves walking on grass. Walking helps balance energy between our body and nature from the ground (yin energy). The natural energy from the ground helps release the extra energy from the body. That is why Qigong and yoga practitioners feel very comfortable when practicing on grass. Wiser Ball helps exchange energy between our body and nature just like Qigong, meditation, and yoga.


Improve eyesight and liver functions

Playing sports in nature helps supply energy to our liver and improve our eyesight. Green is believed to be related to the energy of our liver, which supplies energy to our eyesight. Medical studies have shown that people who suffer from liver malfunctions are prone to develop vision problems – such as blurry vision, cataract, glaucoma, sunken eyes, Pinkeye, etc.


Concentration training

When trying to hit the other team’s balls you have to concentrate; aim the ball; and coordinate your brain and body in order to position your body comfortably to increase your accuracy.

During training throwing and rolling techniques are practiced with both the player’s dominate and non-dominate hand. This helps to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain.


Exercising makes people happy!

When you play Wiser Ball and socialize with people you feel happy. “Happiness” stimulates nerves, energy, and blood. It regenerates energy circulation in nerves and energizes the whole body.



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