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Playing Wiser sport not only builds physical strength, but also develops wisdom and brain power.

Teenagers and children who play Wiser will become better at thinking independently and will be more courteous and virtuous. They will develop tenacity, physical strength, and intelligence.  It is the best sport for rearing people of talent.

It is an unfortunate fact that some elderly people are not in good health. They may even suffer from limb numbness, which makes it difficult for them to walk. Some have cognitive and memory issues that can impair their ability to function in life. Ye, as long as elderly people are able to play Wiser, they can improve their immunity, strengthen their body, enhance their stamina, enliven exhausted brain cells, avoid senile dementia, broaden and ease their mind, increase their happiness, prevent rheumatism and chilliness, and avoid loneliness, insomnia, and numbness of the limbs.

Middle-aged and young people can likewise reap these benefits. Through playing Wiser, they can enhance their wisdom and develop their mental vitality. In addition, playing Wiser can resolve the tendency of homebound men and women to be solitary, eccentric, and asocial. That is because involvement in Wiser will provide them with opportunities to go outdoors, make friends during matches, increase their self-confidence, and develop wholesome social relations.


Resources from the World Wiser Sport Committee

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The First Wiser Sport Inauguration

Hello, we are leaders of Wiser Sport teams from different regions in the world!

Hello, we are leaders of Wiser Sport teams from different regions in the world! West Covina, CA, USA. March 2nd, 2013

VIPs include Diplomatic Envoys, Mayor of West Hollywood, Mayor of city of Covina, Julie Ertel - the 2000 Olympics water polo silver metal winner, Covina Women's Club and more!