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About Wiser Sport


Wiser Sport is a Safe, Gender Neutral, Equal Social Sport for Everyone! No muscles required! No sport injuries!

Wiser Ball is purely a ball sport that nature has bestowed upon humanity to strengthen the body and improve health. Everyone has equal right to enjoy it. Its only purpose is to benefit humanity through strengthening the body, improving health, elevating morality, increasing friendship, and promoting peach in the world.

Wiser is a ball sport in which strategy and exercise are combined, and motion and stillness vie with each other, all in a setting where teams compete against each other. A special playing fields is not required. It can be played in any area, no matter how many obstacles there may be. It is extremely safe and suitable for everyone – male, female, old, and young can play it.

Playing the Wiser sport is extremely safe. Anyone who likes to exercise, wants to strengthen both body and mind, and wants to build moral character can play this sport. It is a sport that truly treats everyone equally. It entails both individual and group strategies and tactics. From the perspective of developing one’s intelligence and thought processes, the Wiser sport is like forming battle formations in war or playing chess. From the perspective of exercising the body and increasing one’s physical strength, it is a perfect, natural, engaging ball sport. Thus, Wiser is the perfect ball sport for athletes and non-athletes worldwide.

Join us and be the pioneers to revive this imperial sport!


Resources from the World Wiser Sport Committee


The First Wiser Sport Inauguration

Hello, we are leaders of Wiser Sport teams from different regions in the world!

Hello, we are leaders of Wiser Sport teams from different regions in the world! West Covina, CA, USA. March 2nd, 2013

VIPs include Diplomatic Envoys, Mayor of West Hollywood, Mayor of city of Covina, Julie Ertel - the 2000 Olympics water polo silver metal winner, Covina Women's Club and more!